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Hello and Welcome to Experience2Win. WIN$OME was born in the beautiful island of Jamaica, bred in borough of Queens, NY and brings you this work of art from sunny central FL. During her many tenures as family member, student, wife/divorcee, friend, confidante, humanitarian, and avid employee she remained THANKFUL to the Lord above. Her degrees, double minor, certificates, awards, medals and other accolades led her to adding this body of work to her repertoire. WIN$OME has traveled half the US, 70 % of the Caribbean, Germany, France, and all of North America. Currently she plans to expand this book into a spin off series of each character and looks forward to interacting with you on a future book blitz E-tour or at a venue near you.

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Hindsight, Insight, and Foresight...Life’s TRIFECTA!!! - Created by WIN$OME

We Make Amazing Things Come Together!


WIN$OME is the best! She is an advocate who is always willing to let her voice be heard. WIN$OME has a great work ethic and is very insightful. WIN$OME is helpful and reliable, trust that she won’t rest until the job has been successfully completed.
Renee Leggett
Supervisor at Social Service Agency
“I met WIN$OME back in 2007 when our kids went to the same day care and I was immediately drawn to her personality. over time we became very great friends and formed a great sisterhood. WIN$OME is extremely smart, caring, charismatic, a good listener, and very goal oriented. Throughout the years, I have known WIN$OME to accelerate in her career and contribute to the community. I have no doubt that there is nothing that she can not achieve if she put her mind to it. It is a blessing to call her my friend”
Angela Sarro
Licensed Barber/Entrepreneur
WIN$OME, a student of all things. When she embarks on a new journey, she studies it fully to learn every nuance so she can master it. She thrives to be a subject matter expert in everything she does, which is why she is an amazing person to be in company with. Also, she thinks bigger than herself, her Philanthropic efforts are unmatched. From the nonprofit she works with to her business relations groups at her place of employment and everything in between, she exemplifies what it is to be the total package.
Rikki Love-Byrd, MBA
CEO Byrd Protection Agency

We Make Amazing Things Together.

You’ve come to the right place. Not only will we guide you through your creativity curiosity but guide you in bringing it all together. 

Being a Motivational Speaker allows opportunities to address core issues.

Writing is where ART imitates life therefore these discussions can be loosely based on any content. 

As a Plus-Size Model I represent the embracing of all entities of looks.


    My name is Diane L. Littles. From 1993 to 1996 I was the Director of the Youth Department, Positive Youth Connection, Southeast Queens Community Partnership in Queens, New York. It was a community-based nonprofit that worked directly with 5 communities. As a member of Positive Youth Connection WIN$OME was very proactive and contributed to our weekly planning meetings for the community events we hosted. She contributed to the development of the presentation materials for workshops conducted with elementary and middle school students in Queens Community School District 29. WIN$OME was part of the outreach promotions team responsible for getting the word out about the community festivals we hosted. They were always well attended with all ages children, youth, parents, and grandparents. She always let us know her career goals were in criminal justice. She was a highly productive and dependable member of Positive Youth Connection. I highly recommend her and support her career and business goals.

    Diane Littles - Clairvoyance, LLC-Organizational Development Consultant

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    More Testimonials

    After four years of applying for various programs at my job, I was ready to give up. When I met WIN$OME, it was truly an “Experience2Win”. She immediately saw the frustration in my face, how discouraged I was, and how defeated I felt. She decided to take a look over the content that I had submitted for these programs. After she made corrections for my content, I resubmitted and I was finally accepted into the program. Ever since I have been impressed with her creative writing skills. She can naturally incorporate keywords throughout any document. She has a special gift for connecting to anyone and being sensitive to their needs. WIN$OME is always cheerful and willing to assist me with any task. Her positive energy is contagious, she is sure to capture the attention of a room full of strangers. WIN$OME stands out for her kindness, energy, and commitment to any project, and I am completely confident she will surpass all expectations.
    Caribbean Cuisine By Sylvie
    My Testimonial for WIN$OME, she has always been like one of my older sisters. She is straight to the point, very helpful, and is great at just being there. Regardless of anything or anyone life brings…..our sister-hood and bond remains special and strong. We hashed out any misunderstandings years back….WIN$OME remains my rock and my ear that I can rely on each day. WIN$OME is a true example of a what an amazing sisterhood can become. I wont speak for anyone else, but I can always call on her and she can always call on me and that won't ever change. I will always (now and forever Lord willing) be there for her. I pray the most high God continues to bless WIN$OME through her life's journey and allow her to be prosperous always remembering to give all praises to God first. I love WIN$OME….she has been a great person to me!
    Krystle Gaynor
    Elementary Educator
    WIN$OME is such a joy to work with. Not only does she see the vision, she is a woman of execution. She's humble, gentle, and very professional. It's hard to find genuine individuals, especially women who care and WIN$OME, definitely cares. Getting to know her will make you want to go harder. It's such an honor to see her going after her goals and build her legacy that will inspire the world.
    Vanessa Canteberry
    CEO/Founder of InspiredByVanessa

    WIN$OME has provided my business with writing services. She was able to speak in my voice to my clients for social media. She delivered wonderful service in researching a topic for a speech I had to do. Her writing skills never disappoint. I'd definitely use WIN$OME again for my writing needs.

    Kenya Johnson - Event Producer at Wicks and Wines